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Liquid Cal-Mag - Blueberry 16 oz Liquid (P1269)

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Price: $18.00
Item Number: P4LB-P1269
Brand: Protocol for Life Balance
UPC: P1269
Condition: New
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Liquid Cal-Mag Blueberry is a high potency and highly absorbable liquid calcium and magnesium formula for the support of healthy bones and teeth.
Although Calcium and Magnesium are best known for their roles in bone health, both of these minerals are also integral cofactors in hundreds of biochemical reactions, and help the body to maintain proper muscular contraction, nerve transmission, acid/base balance, blood clotting functions, and fluid balance.
Vitamin D, an essential nutrient for skeletal health due to its critical role in bone mineralizations, is included since it facilitates the absorption and utilization of Calcium and plays a vital role in healthy immune system function.
Boron, another mineral known for its role in bone health, has also been included.
This liquid formula offers a delicious tasting dairy-free and vegetarian alternative to large tablets and capsules.
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