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Growth Hormone Support 90 Capsules (GH9)

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Price: $29.30
Item Number: PE-GH9
Brand: Pure Encapsulations
Condition: New
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Supports healthy growth hormone levels

Supports healthy growth hormone levels The amino acids arginine and ornithine have been shown to synergistically support healthy growth hormone production.
Growth hormone is naturally released by the pituitary gland in response to sleep and exercise in order to help replenish tissues.
It supports muscle protein synthesis, moderates the breakdown of muscle tissue and promotes fat utilization for energy.
Arginine supports healthy growth hormone synthesis and is also a precursor for protein synthesis.
Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate (OKG) is composed of two molecules of ornithine and one molecule of alpha-ketoglutarate.
OKG has indicated the ability to support healthy nitrogen balance, important for healthy muscle function.
OKG also promotes healthy polyamine, arginine and glutamine levels, important metabolites for muscle protein support.
One study suggested the potential for arginine and ornithine in combination to support lean muscle mass when combined with physical training.
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