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Alpha-GPC 120 Capsules (AG21)

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Price: $96.10
Item Number: PE-AG21
Brand: Pure Encapsulations
Condition: New
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l-Alpha-glycerophosphatidylcholine (GPC-choline, alpha-GPC) is a water-soluble phospholipid metabolite naturally occurring in the body.
Alpha-GPC passes through the blood brain barrier providing a source of choline for acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis.
An open, multi-center clinical trial involving 2,044 subjects indicated that alpha-GPC supports cognitive health and has excellent tolerability.
Research suggests that alpha-GPC plays a role in enhancing mental function, neurological function, and memory.
In a multicenter, randomized, controlled study, 261 subjects supplemented with alpha- GPC demonstrated improved neuropsychological parameters in behavioral scales and tests. Alpha-GPC is an important neurotransmitter and phospholipid precursor providing support for age-related decline in cognitive function, memory, and cerebrovascular health.
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